Task 2. (10 points)
Nick and Wendy talk about their trip to Stockholm. They discuss their impressions of Stockholm. Listen to their talk and mark if the statement is True or False.
  1. Nick and Wendy visited Sweden a while ago.

  2. They did not experience heavy rain during the trip.

  3. Some Swedish people think travelling to other countries is better than staying in their country.

  4. One of them caught a cold during the trip.

  5. Swedish people love spending their summers on islands that are close to Stockholm.

  6. The old city centre was built in medieval times.

  7. You get a more beautiful view when you walk in the city instead of riding on the boat.

  8. Wendy enjoys modern architecture.

  9. They could observe IKEA design elements in the city.

  10. Wendy prefers walking tours to bus trips.
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