Task 2. (10 points)
Read the text and fill in the gaps (1-10) with the phrases (A-L) given underneath. Each phrase can be used only once. There are more phrases than necessary. An example (0) has been given.
There's one special day in Britain when you can see lots of people (0) all over the country wearing red clown noses. This is known as Red Nose Day. It’s arranged by a charity organisation 'Comic Relief’ whose aim is to collect money for people in need. As the name suggests, the day involves wearing red noses (1)  , which you can find in various supermarkets and charity shops. The main thing is that red noses are not sold and you cannot buy them, but you can leave a small sum of money (a donation) and just take one. The exact sum of the donation is not fixed. You can leave (2) you want.
'Comic Relief’ was started in 1985 by the writer Richard Curtis and the comedian Lenny Henry. At that time, people in Ethiopia were suffering from hunger and something had to be done. The idea was simple. Richard and Lenny decided to gather a group of popular British comedians to give public performances. This way they would collect money (3)  in desperate need. They also hoped to inform people about poverty in Africa. Richard and Lenny strongly believed that laughter is (4) to fight tragedy, poverty and injustice.
The first Red Nose Day was held on 5 February 1988, when (5)  as a National Day of Comedy. It was held again the following year and thereafter every year since then. The event is widely celebrated in the UK and many people consider it to be (6) national holiday.

On Red Nose Day money-raising events take place all over the country. To attract more people to the idea of charity many schools have non-uniform days. On these days the pupils (7) something red as part of their non-uniform outfit. The charity states that the aim of Red Nose Day is to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people. So every good (8) other people's immediate needs is appreciated.

Currently, the main supporters of Red Nose Day are the BBC, Sainsbury's supermarket chain and British Airways. The day culminates in a live 'telethon'   event on BBC One, starting in the evening and going through into (9)  of the morning. This is like a television marathon that shows different events all day long. The BBC shows lots of short comic performances and reports of how the money will be spent. People also upload videos of (10)  on different video platforms and social networks.
Since 1985 there have been all kinds of noses: plastic, soft, noses shaped like dinosaurs, noses that looked like faces, noses that made noises. So, if you ever happen to be in the UK on Red Nose Day, you will understand why you find people wearing red noses and doing silly things. It's all for a good cause.
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