Task 1 (10 points)
Read the eight students' opinions about summer jobs and do the task. Match the statements (1-10) with the opinions (A-H). Select only one letter for each statement. You can use some letters more than once. An example (0) has been given.
Should teenagers work part-time in summer?  Here are the opinions of teenagers from different countries:
Falz, Malaysia

I think that teenagers should work in summer. Since the economic crisis, parents don't have enough money to support their children's education fees. So, by working part-time in summer, teens can help their parents. Parents will be proud to have a child' helping them to make the financial situation better.
Alberto, Spain

I believe that students can earn pocket money by doing part-time jobs, so they won't count on their parents to buy computers, mobile phones or other things they need. At the same time, they can learn to be independent.
Fernando, Costa Rica

As I see it, the responsibility of students is school and they should study even in summer. When teens begin to earn their own money, school often becomes less important for them. I think that parents have responsibility for the family, so they should also pay for everything their children need.
Eve, Poland

To work or to rest? I honestly believe that teenagers should be able to make that choice themselves. I think teenagers shouldn't be stopped from working in summer or have such a hard time finding a job. Teenagers are highly motivated people, who have a desire to work and are good at it.
Fumiyo, Japan

In my country about 30% of teenagers work part-time. The main reason they work is to buy clothes, electronic devices and designer goods. I know that only few of them have to work to make money for college, the majority of students want to spend their own money just on entertainment.
Yeong, Korea

In my opinion, if you want to do something well, you can't do two things at the same time. School statistics show that students who have worked in summer don't have enough time to rest. Back in school, they often have concentration problems in lessons, so their grades drop. They also have less social life.
Stephanie, USA

I balance school, cheerleading, National Honor Society and volunteering at the hospital. I also decided to apply for a job this summer. If a student is both active and smart enough  to  handle   a part-time job,  he or she can benefit greatly.
Claudiu, Romania

I would really like to work in summer! But there are only a few vacancies, but hundreds of kids who wish to work part-time. Teens also have no qualifications. If the company has two candidates for a job, and one has experience and the other is just a school kid, who do you think would get the job?

0. Teenagers should have the opportunity to decide themselves to work or to rest in summer.
  1. It is a bad idea not to allow teens to work.

  2. Most students spend their money to have some fun.

  3. Teenagers should work to save money for their education.

  4. Working in summer has negative effects on teenagers' lives.

  5. There is much competition for teenagers in finding a job.

  6. Working in summer teaches teens to think and act themselves.

  7. Successful students can combine studies and work.

  8. Those teenagers who have already worked have an advantage in getting a job.

  9. It is not good for teens to do different things at the same time.

  10. When teenagers start working, they often forget about studies.
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