Task 1 (12 points)
Read the text below and choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. An example (0) is given.


When we want (0) to tell other people what we think, we can do it not only with the help of words, but also with our body. For instance, if people can neither hear (1) speak, they talk to each other with the help of their fingers. People (2) do not understand each (3)  language have to do the same. The following story shows how they sometimes (4) it.

An Englishman who could not speak (5) Italian was once travelling in Italy. One day he entered a restaurant and sat down at a table. When the waiter came, the Englishman opened his mouth, put his fingers in it, took them out again and moved his lips. In this way he meant to say, “Bring me something to eat.”

(6) waiter soon brought him a cup of tea. The Englishman shook his head, and the waiter understood that he didn’t want tea, so he took it away and brought him (7) coffee.

The Englishman was very hungry and sad. He shook his head each time the waiter brought him something to drink. He brought him juice then soda-water, (8) that wasn’t food, of course.

He (9) the restaurant when another traveller came in. When this man (10)  the waiter, he put his hands on his stomach. That was enough: in (11) minutes there was a large plate of macaroni and meat on the table in front of him.

As you see, the language of signs is not always as clear (12)  the language of words, but it helps in different life situations as well.
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