Task 2 (8 points)
Fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage. Use only one word in each gap.
The task begins with an example (0).


There is now a new type (0) of cinema in England. It is in Milton Keynes, a city in England (1)  is located between London and Birmingham. You can still eat popcorn, meet friends and watch great films but this is a cinema (2) a difference. 4D, four dimensional cinema, is a step-up from 3D, because it is designed to make you (3) like you are part of the film. When (4) is an outdoor scene with flowers in the film, for example, you will smell flowers in the cinema. When actors share a cup of coffee in the film, you will be (5)  to smell fresh coffee in real life. During a storm in the film you will feel real rain on your face or real wind in your hair. If they show (6) explosion in the film, your cinema chairs will move and shake. The 4D cinema (7) invented in Korea in 2009, but now there are over 150 cinemas in 30 countries around the world. People seem to have mixed opinions about the 4D cinema. Some people think 4D films are fun to watch. Other people think that it is only fun (8) or twice: they say that people still want to watch traditional films.
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