Task 1 (12 points)
Choose the best word from the drop down menu to fill the gap.
A big night out
It can be difficult to go to the cinema in London, (0) because there are too many films and cinemas to pick from!
A so
B because (it gives the reason why is it difficult)
C therefore
D and
There’s lots of information telling you what’s (1) if you look on the Internet or in Time Out magazine. But still, seeing a film can be (2)  expensive night out in the centre of town!
Films on a budget
The cheapest cinema in Leicester Square is ‘The Prince Charles’. This cinema often shows films (3)  weeks later than some of the others, so if you don’t mind being a bit behind the times and want to save some money, this could be the place for you. If you become a member (£5 per year) you can see films from (4)  little as £1.50!
There are other smaller art-house cinemas in town. ‘Metro Cinema’ (5)  in Soho shows a wide variety of movies but tends not to show more mainstream films. These films are made by independent filmmakers and (6) aimed at mass audiences. (7)  art-house cinema is the ‘Curzon Soho’; Time Out readers recently (8)  this as London’s number one cinema.
See the films first
Every year London has (9)  own film festival in November, you can see lots of premiers, listen to directors discussing the film and maybe see some stars too! It shows all kinds of films and many big name film-makers (10)  it. There is also the Alternative film festival, which (11) in April. You usually need to book tickets well in advance. As you can see, going to the cinema in London (12)  a lot of thinking about, maybe you want to see a famous star, or perhaps a film by your favourite director, or just sit, eat popcorn and enjoy the latest Hollywood action movie. If you take time to look, there’s something for everyone.
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