Task 2 (10 points)
Read the text and fill in the gaps with the phrases given underneath. Each phrase can be used only once. There are more phrases than necessary. The first is given as an example. Write just the letter, not the whole phrase!
Music from the Internet
Our tastes always differ; they differ (0.) [_ C _] . Some like pop music, some -
classic, one likes jazz and (1)  style. It will take too much time to name all genres and styles of music we like. The main question is where to find this very music, regardless the style it belongs to.
No matter which music style you prefer, it (2) , whether you’re favourite music is on the Internet. Fond of acid punk or samba, freestyle or instrumental, jazz or reggae? Wide number of classical mp3 music is also available there.
Prices for (3)  are one more question that interests customers. Prices for different discs may differ and it allows a wider number of clients to find the proposition they were searching for, items that are suitable and (4).
Visitors of such sites can also make a payment for example $20 and receive $0.02 every day. It is allowed with the help of special Daily Bonus scheme. Making (5)  of $30, bonus amount will be $0.05 every day.
To have access to needed items and to buy legal mp3s, visitors of the site (6) . The client registering on the site receives certain requisites that will help to identify each visitor of the site. Each time clients visit the site after registration they use their own logins and passwords. In case the login and password are illegally given to other people, the site (7) .
When paying for one or another service or item available on the site, customer transfers their money with the help of safe SSL connection so that no data is available for the administration of the site and (8).
One well-known proverb says that it is (9)  for one time than to hear about it for hundred times. In the case of this music store it is worth to see it for one time and as a result to listen to your beloved music for (10) times!
 A  is really worth to check
 Baccessible for them
 Cin music preferences too
 Dcosts a lot of money to download
 Ehundreds and thousands
 Fanother one is fond of country
 Gthe procedure is absolutely safe
 Hanother payment
 I guarantees the quality of the downloaded tracks
 Jwill be unsafe for the client
 Kbetter to see something
 Lshould register at first
 Mmusical albums and mp3 songs
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