Task 2 (8 points)
Complete the gap with ONE suitable word.
Shopping in London by John Kirks
When I (1)  to London one of my favourite things to do is shopping! I  enjoy hunting around for a bargain in the sales or buying something new to wear out (3)  a Saturday night.
There are (4)  different places to go shopping in London. If you’re looking for expensive and famous shops, you can go to Oxford Street, but keep in mind, it gets too busy sometimes; it can (5)  difficult to go anywhere!
For a less crowded, more relaxing shopping experience, go to Covent Garden, you can have a delicious cappuccino, and watch some street theatre at the same time.
Some people like shopping in department stores, the (6)  famous one in London is ‘Harrods’ in Knightsbridge, but for me, it’s not modern enough, and too expensive. Just down the road is ‘Harvey Nics’, however, the best of all big department stores is ‘Selfridges’ in Oxford Street, it (7)  a shoppers’ paradise.
If you’re not into spending money, a bit of window-shopping can be good for you – it (8)  cost a penny. Sometimes I’ll spend hours just wandering around a market having a chat with my friends.
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