Task 3 (8 points)
Listen to Jay talking about her experience doing voluntary work and fill the gaps with the missing information. Use no more than 5 words per gap. Look at the example.
Audio for Task 3:

Volunteer’s Job

Example. Jay worked as a volunteer in a refuge for animals in Bolivia.
1. Jay’s first job was working with   (1).

2. As her job was dangerous, she was   (2) not to get scarred.

3. Once the volunteers took refuge from a jaguar   (3).

4. Jay also taught   (4).

5. The organisation she worked for had 2 different sites. The girl was in the
 (5) one.

6. There were a lot of (6) around the place.

7. Jay enjoyed the first weeks better because   (7).

8. To hide from mosquitoes, she wore (mention 2 things)  and   (8).
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