Task 2 (10 points)
Listen to an interview with an American Indian explaining their understanding of the world. Read the statements and choose those which describe the life philosophy of Cherokees. Write the letter of the correct statement in the box provided. Use only one letter per box. An example has been given (0).
Audio for Task 2 :
Relationship with nature
  [ B ]
  [ C ]
A Cherokees try to tame nature.
B They try to live with nature.
C Cherokees depend on nature.
D Nature exists for the benefit of people.
Cherokees’ understanding
of the Great Life
 A There are more and less important things around us.
B Everything is of equal importance.
C People create the Great Life.
D People are most important in the Great Life.
 2. Laws of Nature
A There are a lot of Laws of Nature.
B There are only three Laws of Nature.
C Laws of Nature determine how to live.
D Laws of Nature are about relationships with other people.
 3. The First Law A Life may be taken only for a real reason.
B You are only allowed to kill to get food.
C You may not take what is sacred.
 4. The Second Law
A There is a spirit found in every human being.
B One spirit fills people and another one fills animals and
C All changes in the Great Life affect us.
D People should not harm anything in the surrounding world.
David Winston’s
 A We should limit the use of electric appliances.
B People should turn to the usage of nuclear power.
C It is of utmost importance to produce more energy on
 6.The Third Law A People must do something to clean our waters.
B We have to limit chemical waste.
C Each person must stop pollution from their homes.
D We must think about nature preservation on a large scale.
 7.David Winston also
A reminds us that our future depends on our actions.
B advises thinking on a wider scale.
C suggests being physically more active.
D advises learning the Laws of Great Life by heart.
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