Task 1 (12 points)
Read the memories of an Olympic veteran and choose the right word or phrase which best completes each sentence. The first has been done for you as an example (1).
It was in 1948 that London (1) welcomed the world to the Olympic Games.
When the world came to London in 1948, they (2) a bombed-out capital, with weeds still sprouting in the ruins. We were (3)  that British athletes (4)  to make their own shorts and train on the beach. We couldn’t even  (5)   to build the venues (6)  our own. The Swiss (7)  the gymnastic equipment; Finland (8)  timber for the basketball court; and the Canadians gave two firs for the diving boards at the Empire Pool.
Olympic village? You must (9)  . The world’s athletes were told to bring (10)   own towels and sleep in improvised dorms in school classrooms. The British were eating less in 1948 than in 1945, and a pitying world sent food parcels to the Games. The Americans (11)  on supplementing their own diet with daily flights from Los Angeles. The French were so appalled by the food in London that they sent a special refrigerated train from Paris, (12)  was heavily loaded with steaks.
And in spite of it all, the 1948 London Games were a fantastic triumph. If we (13)  the Games, the gloomy pessimists who predicted failure would not have been routed.
Solution steps (Risinājuma soļi) will reveal the right answers and explanations for each position marked with numbers.
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