You have come to a job interview for a summer job in a camp in the USA. You are interviewed by the camp director Mr/Mrs Greenwood (teacher). You have a minute to prepare. Then you will start.
Student: Greet him/her.

a) Hello!
b) Hello! My name is ____. I’m here for the job interview.
Teacher:  Hello! Let’s start the interview! What kind of experience working with children have you got?
Student: Tell why you would be interested in getting this summer job.
First answer the question about your work experience and then explain why you are interested in this job!
If you have some job experience working with children:
a) Well, I have worked in a camp before/I worked in a camp last summer and I really enjoyed it!
b) I have been babysitting my neighbour’s kids since I was 15. I really get along with children very well!

If you have no previous job experience:
a) Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to work with children before but I have always wanted to give it a try!
b) I don’t have a previous work experience but I know that I get along with children very well!

To express your interest in getting this job:
- I love working with children and I want to do something useful this summer.
- This could (also) be a great opportunity for me to gain new work experience.
- I want to earn some extra money by doing something useful and meaningful – working in a camp with kids seems like a great idea!
Teacher: Do you have any questions?
Answer the question:Yes, I have a few questions about the work organisation.
Student: Enquire about your job responsibilities.
a) What will be my main job responsibilities?
b) What will I be responsible for?
Teacher: You will be responsible for organizing games, including sports games.
Student: Enquire about the working hours.
a) And what about my working hours? Will I have to work all day long?
b) What will be my working hours?
Teacher: Games start after breakfast, at 9:30, and then we also need 3 hours in the afternoon.
Student: Enquire about the number of days off you will have.
a) How many days will I have off?
b) Will I have any days off?
Teacher: You will have a day every other week that you can spend outside the camp.
Student: Find out if your friends can visit you in the camp.
a) Will it be possible for my friends to come and visit me in the camp?
b) Will it be allowed for my friends to come and visit me in the camp?
Teacher: We will have to discuss this.
Student: Find out the location of the camp.
a) Where (exactly) is the camp located?
b) What about the location of the camp? Where will it be organized?
Teacher: It’s outside the town, by the lake. By the way, can you swim?
a) Yes, I can swim (very well). And I’m ready to teach children as well.
b) No, I can’t swim. But it’s about time I learned it!
Find out how to get to the city centre from the camp.
a) How will it be possible to get to the camp?
b) How can I get to the camp? (Is there a public transport?)
Teacher: There is no public transport to it. We all go by car. Can you drive?
a) Yes, I got my drivers licence last year.
b) No, I can’t. But I have a bicycle, maybe I can cycle to the camp location.
Find out when you would have to start working.
a) In case I get the job, when would I need to start working?
b) When would I need to start working?
Teacher: In mid-June. Would you be able to work all summer?
a) Yes, I was hoping to get a chance to work all summer.
b) No, I have a holiday trip planned in August, but I’m free the rest of the time.
Teacher: Thank you for coming. I will let you know our decision within a week’s time.
Student:  Thank him/her. Take your leave.
Thank you for the interview!
It was pleasure talking to you!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Teacher: Goodbye.