Everyday life
This material lists the questions that may be asked in the speaking part of the exam on the topic "Everyday life". The parentheses after the question indicate which year's English centralized exam the question was asked.
Be ready to give your opinion on five questions. (3-5 minutes)
Look at the statement. A proverb says: “Lost time is never found again.” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons. (CE 2007)
1) How do you usually plan your day?
2) How have your time management skills changed over the years? Why?
3) Which of the following do you consider to be “time-savers” and which ones are “time-wasters.” Why?
    - Books
    - Pair work in class
    - Group work in class
4) What excuses do people usually give for being late?
5) What excuses do people usually tend to make for a missed deadline?
6) Do you believe these excuses?
An English proverb says, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” (CE 2004)
1) What do you think?
2) What is your usual weekday like?
3) How are your weekends different?
4) Is it necessary to have a daily routine? Why/why not?
5) What sort of person are you?
6) Who/what helps you organize your daily activities?
7) What is more valuable, health or wealth? Why?

An English proverb says, “He who eats his dinner alone must saddle his horse alone.” Do you agree or disagree? Give your reasons. (CE 2003)
1) Why do people sometimes eat out?
2) Do you prefer dining at home or in a public eating place? Why?
3) Describe what you consider an ideal meal.
4) What is your attitude to junk food? Why?
5) what are the advantages of having a party in a public eating place?
Aristotle invented a way of thinking out problems step by step. What can you say?
1) How do you solve your problems?
2) Describe your favorite film / sports stars.
3) People of different political and religious views participate in different campaigns. What for?
4) Why do a lot of woman fight for their rights?
5) What have you celebrated recently? Give some details.