For your school project, you are interviewing a foreigner who now lives in Latvia. You have a minute to prepare. Then you will start.
Student: Greet him/her.

a) Good morning!
b) Good afternoon!
Teacher:  Good morning/afternoon!
Student: Explain why you have come.
My name is ____. I am working on my school project about foreigners living in Latvia.
a) And I would like to ask you a few questions.
b) Would you mind answering a few questions?
Teacher: OK. What do you want to know about?
Student: Find out the reasons why he/she moved to Latvia.
a) Why did you move to Latvia?
b) What was the reason you chose to move to Latvia?
c) What made you choose to leave your country and come to live in Latvia?
Teacher: I wanted a better environment for my children.
Student: Find out his/her first experiences in Latvia.
Tell me about your first experiences in Latvia.
Teacher: It was difficult to communicate as I knew Latvian only from books. Have you ever talked to a native speaker and not understood them?
a) Yes, I have when travelling abroad. That is really confusing/difficult.
b) No, I have not. I haven’t met many foreigners in my life.
Find out the things he/she finds interesting in Latvia.
a) What is it that you like or find interesting in Latvia?
b) Tell me what is it that you find interesting in Latvia.
Teacher: I like your midsummer traditions. What do you think are the most interesting traditions in Latvia?
Well, our midsummer celebration is quite unique, you are right about that! We also do things like picking mushrooms or gathering berries in autumn that other nations find fascinating.
Find out tips for people considering leaving their country.
a) What would you advise people considering leaving their country?
b) What should people consider when planning to leave their country?
Teacher: Think how you will deal with feeling homesick and be prepared for different weather conditions. Do you think people often feel homesick?
a) No, I think they feel homesick only once in a while when they have time to think about it.
b) Yes, I have noticed that a lot of foreigners feel homesick when being away from their homeland.
Teacher: What can people do to overcome this feeling?
I think one thing to do is to keep oneself occupied. Also being socially active and getting to know new people helps to get used to new environment. Sometimes it’s also useful to organize a traditional event for your friends and family to feel more at home.
Inquire about restrictions on immigration.
a) One last question – are there any restrictions for immigrants in other countries?
b) Do you know of any restrictions on immigration in other countries?
Teacher: Some countries allow immigration only for political reasons.
Student:  Thank him/her for the interview.
Thank you for the interview. It was very interesting talking to you! Goodbye!
Teacher: Goodbye.