Your family is a host family to an exchange student from the UK. This is your first meeting. You have a minute to prepare. Then you will start.
Student: Greet him/her.

a) Hi!
b) Hi! My name is ___. It’s really nice to finally meet you!
Teacher:  Hi.
Student: Inquire about the flight to Latvia
a) How was your flight?
b) Did you have a good flight?
Teacher: It was OK though a bit rough just before landing due to the storm. Do you often have thunderstorms here?
No, not really. We have thunderstorms mostly in summer – maybe once or twice a month.
Inquire about the weather conditions in the UK when he/she left.
What was the weather like when you left UK (London)?
Teacher: Oh, it was sunny and warm.
Student: Find out about his/her plans in Latvia.
a) So, do you have any specific plans for your stay in Latvia?
b) What have you planned for your stay in Latvia?
Teacher: I have come for 6 months but I will spend only three of them in your family, then I am going on a trip around local farms as I am studying dairy farming. Would you like to join me?
a) I won’t be able to join you for the whole 3 months period but it would be great too see some of the local farms. I will have to think about it!
b) Yes, of course. It would be a great way to see Latvia!
c) No, unfortunately I have other plans for that period of time. But I hope you will enjoy seeing Latvia!
Find out about his/her family.
a) What about your family – do you have any brothers or sister?
b) How big is your family?
Teacher: I have two little twin brothers. How big is your family?
a) There are four of us – my parents, me and my brother/sister. You will get to meet them soon!
b) I don’t have any brother or sisters. I live alone with my parents. You will get to meet them soon!
Find out his/her wishes for the evening.
a) So, what do you want to do tonight?
b) Is there anything special you want to do this evening?
Teacher: I would like to change first and then you could show me the town/village. What should I really see first?
a) Well, there’s quite a lot to see. I could show you the main places of interest this evening and take you on a more serious sightseeing tour tomorrow.
b) Well, this is a small town with nothing much to see, except for the town hall and the church. I will take you there tonight.

Suggest going out for dinner to... (a famous local place)
a) Maybe we should go out for dinner tonight. I know a nice local restaurant that serves great traditional food.
b) What do you think if we go out for dinner tonight? I’ve heard about this famous restaurant not far away from here that serves great food!
Teacher: That sounds great.
Student:  Suggest a time for going out.
How about if we leave the house around 8 o’clock?
Teacher: Agreed.
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