Brīvais laiks, izklaide (Leisure, entertainment)
Task 3. Your name is Maija Saliete / Kristaps Saliete. You have just arrived in England for a course and are talking to a fellow student from Germany (played by your teacher), who has already been there for a month. You will start. You have a minute to prepare.
1) Greet him/her. Introduce yourself.    
2) Enquire about:
- his/her country;
- length of stay in England;
- the course he/she is on.
3) Enquire about:
- the available leisure activities;
- the best discos.
4) Invite him/ her to disco.
5) Arrange a date with him / her. 
1) Hello. I'm Hans / Hanna Jena.
2) - I'm from Germany. Where are you
-I've already been here for month. Have you just arrived?
-I'm studying English for nurses. What's your course?
3) - I spend a lot of time sightseeing. What are you interested in?
- I've heard there's a good one next door. Do you enjoy dancing?
4) OK. When shall we go?
5) OK. See you.
Be ready to give your opinion on a number of questions (Task 2, CE 2007).
Look at the statement: “We often fail to appreciate the simple pleasures that really create a truly rich life.” Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your reasons.
1) What is your favourite form of entertainment?
2) Why that form of entertainment?
3) Why do some teenagers have problems with leisure time?
4) What are your hobbies now compared with 4 years ago?
5) Are there any new hobbies you would like to take up?
6) What is the role of hobbies in our life?
Your town wants to improve its leisure activities. Suggest changes and improvements you'd like to experience.
1) In what way does our life depend on satellites?
2) Would you like to take a balloon flight? Why/ not?
3) What are you interested in?
4) What is there for tourists to see in your area?
5) Do you like dancing? What dance would you like to learn?
"Life is a cartoon." Do you agree?
1) What are your favourite kinds of TV programme?
2) What kind of a person are you? Prove it.
3) What do you do at weekends?
4) Why do many people prefer TV watching to travelling? Give some reasons.
5) How do you relax from stress?