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Holiday and Travelling in the Future
I am to go on holiday next , but still I can’t decide – to buy a standard package holiday or to arrange everything by myself.
Technology is changing the world rapidly including the way
travel and spend our . Now we have services that were not possible 20 years ago, like booking hotel accommodation and tickets online, staying for a short time at strangers’ houses sometimes even for free, or offering your own flat as a holiday home.
But what will happen in the future? How will travelling and holidays change? Let’s
at some predictions about the future of holiday according to the CEO of the travel website Skyscanner, Gareth Williams.
There will be flying cars in about 20 years from now. It might happen earlier, but the problem is that it is difficult to build a new
system and infrastructure now. He believes that mass underwater exploration and tourism will develop very quickly. He says that “the idea of going down the Mariana Trench is amazing”. Gareth also says that “without question space tourism will grow and get cheaper”, and that “we’ll see the habitation of Mars”.
According to the CEO of Skyscanner, we won’t need a passport in
, “they’ll just point a laser or camera at you and will get your ID”
So, do you believe it is all possible? Will it really all happen?
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