Diagnosticējošais darbs DABASZINĪBĀS 6. KLASEI
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Read the text and write in the missing words. Choose from the box.
(Lasi tekstu un ieraksti trūkstošos vārdus! Izvēlies no dotajiem!)
single, double, book, price, air, a, details, never
A: Hotel Bern, can I help you?
B: Oh, hello, I'd like to
a room for two next Thursday, please.
A: Is that a twin room or a
B: A double, please.
A: All our rooms are en suite, with bath or shower.
B: That's great. How much is the room?
A: It's €40
night, and breakfast is included.
B: OK, and does the room have
A: I'm afraid not.
B: That's a shame. Oh, well,
mind. I'll take the room.
A: Right. Could you give me your credit card
, please?
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