Diagnosticējošais darbs DABASZINĪBĀS 6. KLASEI
Trenējies ŠEIT!


Read the dialog and write the correct answer.
(Izlasi dialogu un ieraksti pareizās atbildes!)
Sue (S) is talking on the phone to the receptionist (R) at a hotel.
R:Hotel Metropole. Can I help you? 
S:Oh, good morning. I'd like to book a single room with bathroom for January 5th and 6th, please.
R:All bedrooms are en suite.
S:Right, and how much is that?
R:It's €60 a night, and breakfast included in the price.
S:That's great. And has the hotel got parking?
R:No, I'm afraid not.
S:Oh, what a shame. OK, well, never mind. I'll take it.
R:Right, can I have your credit card details please? ..
Answer with 1 ('yes' or 'no') word or number – don't write the number in words.
1. Is she unhappy about the price? 
2. Can she leave her car at the hotel? 
3. Is Sue staying for a night? 
4. Does she want a room for one person? 
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