Read the dialog and write the correct answer.
(Izlasi dialogu un ieraksti pareizās atbildes!)
Sue (S) is talking on the phone to the receptionist (R) at a hotel.
R:Hotel Metropole. Can I help you? 
S:Oh, good morning. I'd like to book a single room with bathroom for January 5th and 6th, please.
R:All bedrooms are en suite.
S:Right, and how much is that?
R:It's €60 a night, and breakfast included in the price.
S:That's great. And has the hotel got parking?
R:No, I'm afraid not.
S:Oh, what a shame. OK, well, never mind. I'll take it.
R:Right, can I have your credit card details please? ..
Answer with 1 ('yes' or 'no') word or number – don't write the number in words.
1. Is she unhappy about the price? 
2. Can she leave her car at the hotel? 
3. Is Sue staying for a night? 
4. Does she want a room for one person? 
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