Read the text about Leela and her family.
(Izlasi tekstu par Līlu un viņas ģimeni!)
My name is Leela Jaffray and I'm seventeen. I’m from Mumbai, India. There are five people in my family: my father, mother, two brothers and me. My parents are called Anand and Ramya. My father has got his own restaurant. My brothers, Ravi and Vijay, are teachers. And me? Well, I'm a student at Vijay's school - and I love cricket! In fact, we all love sports in my family! Our favourite food is vegetables! My family and I would love to welcome you into our home.
Choose the right ending.
(Izvēlies pareizo teikuma nobeigumu!)
  1. My father has got his own .
  2. I love !
  3. Our favourite food !
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Upstream Beginner.- Express Publishing: Newbury, 151c.
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