Read the text "My family".
(Izlasi tekstu "Mana ģimene"!)
My name is Mark. My family is quite big. I’ve got two brothers and one sister. My brother Sandy is 14 years old. My other brother Sam is only 5. My sister Stella is 2. We live with our mum, dad and our grandpa.
My grandpa is 65 years old. My dad has black and grey hair and blue eyes. My dad is a teacher. He doesn’t teach children. He teaches other people who work with him. My mum has long brown hair and blue eyes. She is a teacher, she teaches science at school.
My aunt and uncle live near us and we visit them a lot. I’ve got four cousins. I play with my cousins after school and at the weekends. We have great fun!
Choose True, False or Doesn't say!
(Izvēlies "True" – pareizi, "False" – nepareizi vai "Doesn't say" – nav minēts!)
  1. Mark hasn't got brothers.

  2. Mark’s dad has black and grey hair and blue eyes.

  3. Mark has got two cousins.
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