Task 1 (10 points)
Read the eight students’ opinions about learning a foreign language and do the task. Match the statements (1-10) with the opinions (A-H). Select only one letter for each statement. You can use some letters more than once. An example (0) has been given.
Faiz (15), Malaysia
In the modern world people who need a foreign language the most don’t have much money, but learning a language costs a lot. Earlier learning languages was only for rich people, but now everyone can learn with technology. To learn with apps, users only need a smartphone or an Internet connection.
Olivia (16), Belgium
The majority of teenagers don’t have the self-discipline or motivation to stick to a mobile language learning programme. Even if they did, they would never speak fluently only by using the app. Possibly, they could learn to read and write. To learn the language properly, you should attend classes or visit the country itself.
Bao (15), China
Why learn a language if you don’t use it? Firstly, you learn the basics of the language. And this is what an application will provide. Then you have to start using the language: ask and answer, interpret thoughts and feelings. I love apps for the numerous comments made by other users on each lesson.
Andras (14), Hungary
All learning is useful, but an application alone is not enough. However, it’ll give you enough words to have a basic conversation with someone who  is willing to speak slowly and repeat if necessary. This rarely happens in real life. In the beginning, it is also good to use a dictionary.
Petra (14), Germany
Apps are designed as a game, and many teens aren’t even necessarily language fans, they’re just looking for a way to kill some time. But the game keeps them interested for a long time because it is exciting and shows your progress at once. They’re still playing some games, but at least it’s somewhat useful.
Min (13), Korea
Learning languages is my  passion.  Using  an  app is a fresh way of learning, they are always up-to-date with what is happening with the language nowadays. I do not want to learn incorrect or old-fashioned ways of speaking. Young people are the web generation, they can’t imagine their lives without using technology.
Robert (14), Estonia
Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint. I love learning languages, but even so, nothing else has made me work at it as much as the app. Apps don’t make you a perfect speaker, they just help you understand other resources and start using the basic language.
Azra (16), Turkey

Of course, just by using an app you can’t learn a language entirely, but you can make a good start and it can be very helpful in learning to pronounce properly. I started learning German with an app, which improved my pronunciation, but later I had many classroom lessons to get to a conversational level.

0. A dictionary helps when you start learning a language.
1. The apps can teach you how to say sounds or words correctly.

2. Teenagers are not organised well enough to study only with an app.

3. Learning with an app is much cheaper that using other methods.

4. Applications teach teenagers a language by playing.

5. Not many people are ready to have a conversation with a beginner.

6. The applications will help you to learn modern forms of a language.

7. Many teenagers are learning a language because they have nothing to do.

8. You should work hard to learn a language with the application.

9. One of the best ways to learn a language is to go abroad.

10. Using an app you can see what others think about learning.
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