Task 2 (10 points)
Fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage. Use only one word in each gap.
The task begins with an example (0).


While most teenagers’ summer plans (0) are to party, sleep in or watch a lot of TV, 13-year-old Marisa Milford’s summer plans are completely different. Instead of doing (1) the average teen does during summer, Milford has started her own pet rescue in her Florida home.

The White Oak Animal Rescue (2) located in Milford’s own backyard and it opened just two months (3) . The teenager might not have the space, the funding and all the necessary tools to save dozens (4) pets at a time, but the few animals she rescues get the chance to live and find forever homes.

(5) young animal rescuer helps the pets by finding them new homes. She cares for them and works with them to get them socialized and trained (6) getting adopted, but she knows she still needs a (7) of help.
(8) the moment White Oak Animal Rescue has two kittens and two dogs (9) need forever homes, and the young girl’s wish is for all of them to get a good home. “It is sad to see them go home without you,” said Milford, “but for every adopted dog (10) are thousands waiting to take its place.”
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