Task 1 (10 points)
Listen to a radio programme about two islands. Choose the statement which is true for either one island or both. The task begins with an example (0).
0. The island is part of the British Isles.
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Both
1. The island was very popular with tourists in the past.
2. The water is rather cold around this island.
3. It is famous for smoked fish.
4. Crabs are a popular food there.
5. Toffee produced there is very famous.
6. The cows give very rich milk on this island.
7. The wool of the sheep living on the island is brown.
8. The symbol of the island includes three things.
9. The island used to have its own native language.
10. There are a lot of financial institutions on the island.
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