Task 1 (15 points)
You should spend about 15 minutes on this task.

Your classmate Justin has invited you to his birthday party but you won’t be able to come.
Write an e-mail to him (40-60 words). In your e-mail you should:
  • apologise to him;
  • explain why you cannot come;
  • suggest where and when you could meet later.
This is an informal e-mail! Start it with:

Dear / Hello/Hi Justin,
  1. First thank for the invitation and apologise for not being able to come.
  2. Give the reason why you cannot come.
  3. Offer to meet later, say when and where you could meet.
Finish the letter with Finish with a friendly expression:
 (Lots of) Love, (to family and close friends)/Take care, (to friends)/Best wishes,/ All the best,
Sign your name. First name is usually enough. Close friends sometimes put XXX (= 'kisses') at the end of their mail.
Do not write more than 60 words! Do not write any addresses and dates. You can use informal language and short forms in this e-mail.