Task 2 (25 points)
You should spend about 25 minutes on this task.
You have to write between 100 and 120 words.

During an international project your teacher has asked you to describe what healthy
lifestyle means to you. Write
  • about your eating habits;
  • how active you are;
  • if you have any bad habits
Start with the introduction.
Start with some introductory phrases. Try to write the thesis sentence in which you include all three points you are going to write about.  The introduction should not be too long.

Paragraph 2
Give the main sentence of the paragraph and then write the support of it. Give some facts and examples about your eating habits.
Paragraph 3
Give the main sentence of the paragraph and then write about your activities. Give examples, do not generalise your statements.  Write short and concrete sentences.
Paragraph 4
Give the main sentence about the last point- bad habits. Then write the support of this sentence. Do not generalize it, write concrete things, mention examples.

Write some closing remarks, recommendations. Do not write more than two three sentences there.
Mind using linking words! Do not write more than 120 words! Word limit is very important there.