Task 1 (12 points)
Listen to the conversation between Nick and Wendy discussing their trip to the town of Óbidos.
Complete the gaps with the missing information. Do not use more than TWO words or a number per gap. An example (0) has been given.
• The town of Óbidos is in (0) Portugal.
• Some parts of the white houses in the town are painted in blue and (1)  colours.
• The beautiful scenery around the town can also be enjoyed from the (2) .
• Wendy and Nick went to Óbidos by (3) .
• Wendy thinks that Óbidos is usually windy because she saw various (4) .
• According to Nick, Óbidos can be comfortably experienced during a (5) trip.
• The majority of tourists arrived in Óbidos at around (6)  o’clock.
• The chocolate festival is a (7)  long and open to the public (8)  days a week.
• The festival gave Nick and Wendy the chance to visit the (9) .
• Wendy was interested in a (10)  made of chocolate.
• According to Wendy, visitors can also attend (11)  and (12) .
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