Task 2 (10 points)
Listen to the interview with Dr. Iain Staniland, an ecologist, in which he is discussing an environmental issue. Read the statements and decide whether each statement is true or false, according to the interview. Choose the correct word. An example (0) has been given.
0. The host is sure it would be possible to move polar bears to the Antarctic.

1. Dr. Staniland mentions polar bears as an illustration of the effect of climate change.

2. The host would like to know if the weather in the Antarctic would be suitable for polar bears.

3. Dr. Staniland assumes that it would be easy for polar bears to find a food source in the Antarctic.

4. Dr. Staniland states that seals in the Arctic and the Antarctic have developed similar behaviours.

5. According to Dr. Staniland, penguins tend to be afraid of people.

6. Dr. Staniland suggests that Antarctic animals’ behaviour can put them at risk.

7. If moved to the Antarctic, polar bears could be less affected by pollution.

8. Moving polar bears to the Antarctic could be a problem-free solution for them.

9. According to Dr. Staniland, moving animals to a new habitat can lead to unforeseen consequences.

10. The host concludes that moving polar bears to the Antarctic is a reasonable option.
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