29. maijs - FIZIKA
Task 1 (12 points)

Read the text below and choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. An example (0) has been given.
A US company has secured funding to become (0) the first private company to travel to the moon, with a planned voyage that will be an international milestone in space exploration.

Moon Express, a Florida-based firm, said it had raised $20 million in financing, (1)  will allow it (2)  a robotic spacecraft to the moon’s surface (3)  this year. The company has (4)  it believes the moon can “produce resources essential to humanity’s future (5)  Earth and in space”.
Moon Express is one of 16 teams that have (6) for funding and has raised a total of more (7)  $45 million from individuals and venture funds. It is one of numerous companies that has specific plans in the works for exploration.

A firm (8)  Deep Space Industries is seeking to launch an autonomous spacecraft this year that can (9)  materials from asteroids. Planetary Resources, a company supported (10)  Google’s co-founder Larry Page, is also building technology dedicated (11)  asteroid mining with the goal of a 2020 commercial mission. It is estimated that the mineral wealth of the moon may (12)  worth quadrillions of dollars. It is also believed that the moon will be an important part of the Earth’s economy and “potentially our second home”.
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