Task 2 (12 points)

Listen to the interview. Read the statements and decide whether each statement is true or false, according to the interview. Choose the appropriate answer. An example (0) has been given.
0. Ben Saunders travels carrying all his supplies on his sled.
Answer: true
1. Ben Saunders is the only person who has skied solo to the North Pole.
2. Ben Saunders holds the record for the longest Arctic journey using dog sleds.
3. There is no title to define Ben Saunders’ occupation.
4. Ben Saunders sees his journeys as a test of human power potential.
5. In cold and extreme conditions he has to eat six thousand calories per day.
6. At any time during the trip he can have an extra chocolate.
7. Ben Saunders invests most time in training before his trips.
8. The main requirement for the tent refers to its weight.
9. In 2004 Ben’s trip to the North Pole was monitored by a group of people.
10. During his journeys Ben Saunders listens to the same music tracks all the time.
11. It is important for Ben Saunders to listen to music of various styles and tempos.
12. The dark moment of his trips is the realisation of being far from the rest of the world.
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