Task 1 (10 points)
Listen to a button collector telling about his hobby. Complete the gaps with the missing information.
An example (0) has been given.
0. The interviewer has discovered that her co-workers and a neighbour are (what?) collectors.

1. The speaker, Gary Brockman, collects buttons of (what period?)  .

2. While in New York, the speaker used to work in (what field?)  .

3. The workshop was held for (whom?) .

4. Among the workshop participants there were (how many?) button collectors.

5. The speaker wanted to talk to the button collectors (when?) the workshop.

6. Button collecting became an organised activity in the USA (when?) .

7. The activity of the organisation was temporarily stopped by (what?)  .

8. (What?) in different classifications of buttons are held at the National Button Show.

9. Buttons can give an insight into our culture and (what else?)  .

10. Buttons help trace the development of artistic (what?)  .
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