Read the text below and choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. The first has been done for you as an example (0).

     Ray Bradbury was one of the best-selling science fiction writers, (0) though  he knew little about science.
     Born in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1920, Ray Douglas Bradbury moved (1)   with his family as his father looked for work during the Great Depression. He (2)   from high school in 1938 but did not go to college because of a (3)  of funds. He continued to educate himself, however, by spending his nights in the library.
     Bradbury started writing stories, and his first paid piece, Pendulum, was published in November 1941; he earned $15. More than 300 short stories were to follow, published first in magazines and then collected in books (4)   The Illustrated Man, The Golden Apples of the Sun and The Machinery of Joy, titles (5)   hint at the mysterious worlds and curious creatures they (6) .
     All of Bradbury`s tales today seem somewhat familiar, often because (7)  writers and film makers (8) similar ideas. There is,(9) , the time traveller who goes back to the past and accidentally (10) on a butterfly, hereby changing the course of history. Bradbury was always a sunny, affable man but curiously for someone (11) fiction often (12) robots and rockets, was fearful of modern technology.
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