Use the appropriate form of the words given in BLOCK letters to complete the sentences. Write the words in the spaces provided behind the words in BLOCK  letters. An example (*) has been given.
The fact that musical training (1) CHANGE  the way the brain reacts to music might not be very (2) SURPRISE , but researchers also found that (*) MUSIC musically  trained kids performed better in a memory test. Researchers have  (3) DISCOVER  that music training has significant influence on the brain (4) DEVELOP  of young children leading to improved memory and a rise of (5) INTELLIGENT test scores. Music training in childhood leads to better (6) COMMUNICATE skills in later life. Jeremey Simpson of Arizona is a (7) MUSIC  who spent extensive amounts of time teaching young students. “Even if your child doesn’t become an (8) ART , music helps stimulate him or her (9) INTELLECT. Learning a new skill boosts a kid’s (10) CONFIDENT  ,” says Mr Simpson.
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