Task 2 (10 points)
High school students were asked the question ‘Is high school preparing you for success in the real world?’ Read their answers. Write the letter A-L next to the appropriate statement. There are more answers than statements. An example has been done for you.
No. I think there should be more teachers who have worked in the real world instead of coming straight from university, because they haven’t experienced life. I think that cutting the curriculum back by a year was a bad idea because I don’t feel that I will be fully prepared when I leave school.
Yes. The classes in high school offer a variety of choices. I think that they’re doing a good job and moreover, we are taught how to handle certain social situations, tough or easy.
No. School is torture because I am required to spend all my time doing menial tasks, worksheets, and rote memorization. This takes too much time away from being able to discover my hobbies, interests, or passions.
No. There should be shared decision-making among students and staff on matters concerning living and learning together. Students should individually decide what to do with their time, and learn as a by-product of ordinary experience rather than through classes or a standard curriculum.
Yes. Careers class helped me a lot. Some people may disagree, but as long as you keep up with your work, it will benefit you in the end. I think more of the courses should be taught with a ‘hands on’ approach as opposed to being taught by the textbook so much. Courses such as coop will definitely help me to get the experience I need for later on. 
Generally yes; but some parents think they can shield their kids from all the pain in life and prefer educating them at home. While I think home schooling is okay, I still think kids are better off going to a state school.
Not really, because they teach you some things that you won’t need to use in the real world, which to me is a waste of time. If I were to make any changes, I would take out the courses that won’t benefit us towards our future career goals.
The one thing that I have been taught in high school is that it prepares you for the politics of business and life in general. The teachers tell you that the more time you spend in a workplace, the more respect you will gain from people.
No. We dedicate our time to learning test taking strategies. It is frustrating that these
outdated, one-size-fits-all and irrelevant tests are overtaking our curriculum.
Yes. But, if I were to make any changes to the way things are done, I would make the classes a lot smaller so that the students could get the attention that they require in order to work to their full potential.
No. I haven’t been taught things like economics, managing my money, etc. I think there should be classes or seminars to help us out if we have questions about what’s really going on in the real world.
Yes. Each course in school teaches you different things depending on what you would like to do as a career. I think that these courses are a steppingstone to higher education.
Which student thinks this:
 0. He/she would rather prefer doing something more realistic.  [  D  ]
 1. There has to be more democracy in deciding how to organise one’s studies.
 2. School lacks focus on the individual student’s needs.
 3. Studying and working are the key to people’s good opinions.
 4. School prepares you for university.
 5. Practical work should be encouraged in schools.
 6. He/she has been deprived of the possibility to develop individual skills.
 7. School focuses on preparing students for exams.
 8. He/she will lack the necessary knowledge because of a lower school leaving age.
 9. He/she is not prepared to deal with financial matters in his/her future life.
10. In general you can learn a lot of useful things at school.
Solution steps will reveal the right answers and explanations for each position marked with numbers.
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