Use the appropriate forms of the words given in BLOCK letters to complete the sentences.
Passive smoking causes 1 per cent of all the worlds’ deaths. (1 BREATHE) other people’s tobacco smoke is the cause of one in every 100 (2 DEAD) , (3 RESEARCH)  have announced. It is a risk over which its victims have no control. In the UK enclosed public smoking is (4 BAN)  most deaths will have been as a result of (5 EXPOSE)  to smoking at home. The scale of the risk has met with disbelief and (6 SCIENCE)  have struggled to explain why it is so high. Heart problems increase (7 RAPID)  for people exposed to low levels of smoke. The (8 BENEFIT)  effects of banning smoking are felt quickly. The biggest impact is in the first year, with accompanying (9 REDUCE)   in the costs of illness which ought to make it (10 ATTRACT)  to policymakers. Passive smoking is not as deadly as smoking, which claims 5.1m deaths a year. Smoking, however, is a matter of (11 CHOOSE) .
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