Fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage with the most appropriate word from the word bank. Use only one word in each space. Write the appropriate letter in the gap. Note that there are more words than gaps.
As an endless stream of often-absurd observations of nothing much, Twitter might have (0)  to Surrealists of 1920s Paris. Now, film director Tim Burton has (1) their favourite parlour game in an experiment to create a script using lines posted as tweets.
Widely known as a modern master of the macabre, Tim Burton, who (2)  Edward Scissorhands and the new Alice in Wonderland film, was no (3)  attracted to the game by its title: cadaver exquis translates as “exquisite corpse”. It is a game (4)  to Consequences, in which players write lines on (5)  paper.
Mr Burton posted the opening line to a new tale last week, inviting readers to suggest what should happen next. The best submissions, of no more than 140 characters, are selected every few hours and posted at
The introduction (6) : ”Stainboy, using his special skills, was (7)  in to investigate a mysterious glowing spot on the gallery floor.” Stainboy is a nervous young superhero. His experience has (8)  enthusiasm the imagination of tweeters.
The latest of 26 lines of the story last night, (9)  by @angelina, read: “His vision blurred from the spot, Stainboy (10)  his eyes and a face came into focus. He heard a girlish giggle.”
A:  rubbed
B:  inspired
C:  appealed
D:  doubt
E:  directed
F:  folded
G:  played
H:  adapted
I:  reads
J:  called
K:  similar
L:  posted
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