Task 2 (10 points out of 10)

Listen to the story and mark the following statements as true or false. Tick the appropriate box. In the exam you will hear the story twice. Now you can listen to it more than two times!

1) The text informs us that Dr Patso discovered a completely new species of animals.

2) It is said that hotheaded iceborers can melt ice.

3) The scientist had been working in the Arctic for 6 months.

4) She saw that hotheaded iceborers are larger than penguins in size.

5) Her job was connected with saving penguins from extinction.

6) They are described as carnivorous animals who attack and eat penguins.

7) A famous explorer disappeared mysteriously in 1847.

8) The story links his mysterious death with these animals.

9) This article made the magazine very popular.

10) Most of the readers got the story right.

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