Read the texts and do the task! Write the letter of appropriate heading above the text. Note that there are more headings than texts.
Top stress tips
Don’t let the events control you! There are always opinions open to you in any circumstance, and you can choose which to take. Take charge of a situation that is making you unhappy and influence what happens – it’s in your hands.
Decide a time to leave work each day and don’t let work spill over into your private life. With work playing such an active and time consuming role in our lives, it is important that we maintain a good balance between home and work, and are not working all hours.
Invest in people, spend time with family and friends, and make an effort to make new friends. They are your emotional support system and will give you the reassurance you need when things feel a little tough.
Create an ‘exit time’.
Learn to let go.
Take control.
Use scent to improve your mood.
Create a social network.
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