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Olympic stadium's uncertain future
The private sector has already been invited to bid for long-term leases for three venues and officials say tenders will be put out for seven more this year. But the plans remain unclear for many facilities including those at the Hellinikon complex.  (1)  "We are left with a very good image, but it is very expensive and the price is going to be paid by the next generation or the one after. This is a Greek tragedy," said Communist MP Liana Kanelli. But government officials insist it was all worthwhile.
"It would have been worth it even if the cost had been double what we paid," said Spiros Cladas, General Secretary of Olympic Utilisation."
 (2) " This is certainly true in the sense that many around the world doubted whether Greece could organize a successful Olympics.  (3)
(, published in August 2005)
NB: The last summer Olympic Games took place in Athens in 2004

 A  One year later they stand idle, under lock and key – silent concrete monuments rising oddly from the runway of what used to be the city’s old airport.
The main Olympic stadium will be used by two football clubs and the media centre will be turned into museums of sports.
But the population is still waiting for tangible results on its huge collective investment, not only the improved public transport system in Athens.
The benefits were material: a new infrastructure was made; and they also gave Greece a new identity and better recognition.
The uncertain fate of the venues is increasing public worry about the financial burden of hosting the Olympics. The total bill including the upgrading of public transport systems is now put at $15bn, three times the original estimate.
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