Read the interview! Decide whether each statement is, according to the text, true, false or not mentioned. Choose one of the answers!
Swimming with the dolphins
It’s quite the thing to do these days, isn’t it?

So it seems. You can take a dip with wild dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, or jump in a tank with a tame one in Japan, for example.

Mind if I ask why?

For fun mostly. But some people claim dolphins have therapeutic powers, and have cured victims of back pain and clinical depression.


Probably, but the case studies make convincing reading. Disabled children have reportedly learnt to speak with the aid of dolphin therapy; psychologists offer them sessions in the tank as rewards for performing simple linguistic tasks. Other doctors remain unconvinced. They say the benefit may simply derive from a relaxing holiday in the sun, or splashing about in the water with another friendly mammal.

So why dolphins?

You’ve seen Flipper – they are sociable creatures and they know a few fancy tricks.

And more intelligent than humans?

That’s actually a myth based on the fact that their brains are unusually large, a quality they share with anteaters. Recent studies suggest they can respond to basic sign language and perform new tricks on demand, but there is little scientific evidence to support the theories crediting dolphins with everything from healing powers to telepathy.

But one quick swim won’t do any harm, eh?

Scientists say they will need at least another 10 years before they know if the breeding and migration patterns of cetaceans have been altered by their contact with humans. It may be that they are disturbed by the noise of tourist boats; or the presence of humans could inhibit mating. Most experts say that while there is a chance of causing long-term damage we should stay away.

1)People are swimming with dolphins mainly because they have healing powers.

2)Dolphins are sociable creatures and they can understand basic sign language.

3)The scientists say that noise could be one of the factors affecting dolphins.
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