4. jūnijs - MATEMĀTIKA
Some pairs of adverbs have different meanings
deep = a long way down - He stood with his hands deep in his pockets.
deeply = greatly - The doctor was deeply respected.
free = without payment - Children travel free on buses and trams.
freely = willingly - She spoke freely about her past.
hard = with a lot of effort - They work really hard.
hardly = scarcely - I hardly hear them.
high = to/at a high level - These birds usually fly high.
highly = very much - Sam had a highly successful career as a painter. 
last = after all others - He got there last.
lastly = finally - Lastly, I'd like to ask you about your plans.
late = after the arranged or proper time - She arrived late.
lately = recently - They haven't seen her lately.
near = close - David lives near his office.
nearly = almost - The bottle's nearly empty.
pretty = to some extent; fairly - It's pretty hard to explain.
prettily = in an attractive way - She laughed prettily.
short = suddenly - The driver stopped short.
shortly = soon, not long - She arrived shortly after us.
wide = far away from the right point - The door was wide open.
widely = to a large extent; by a lot of people - The term is widely used in everyday speech.