Read the text "Ann’s school".
(Izlasi tekstu par Annas skolu!)
This is my sister Ann! She is eight and she is a pupil. She studies at school.  She has got a big school bag. Let’s look inside! There are many books, pencils, pens. There is a ruler in her bag.
Ann has got four or five lessons every day. Her classroom is not big. You can see some desks and chairs in the classroom. There is a blackboard on the wall. There are some shelves and cupboards in the class. There is a place where children can play.
Ann is very busy but she is happy to go to school.
Choose the right sentence.
(Izvēlies pareizo apgalvojumu!)
Зиновьева Л.А. Тексты для чтения. – Ростов-на-Дону: Феникс – 64 с.
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