Read the rooms' descriptions and match with rooms.
(Izlasi istabu aprakstus un savieno ar istabām!)
1. It’s my own place. There’s a single bed and a wooden bedside table next to it. There’s a light desk with my laptop. There’s a wardrobe in the corner of my room. There’s a bookcase between the desk and the wardrobe. I have some posters with my favourite popstars and football players on the walls. Oh, yes! I have some plants in my room, too.
Room — 
2. It’s a light and spacy room. There are two washbasins with mirrors. There’s a large pink bath in the corner of this room. It’s my mum’s favourite place when she wants to relax. There’s a shower cabin in the other corner. There’s a towel rail with some towels on the wall. There are some plants, too.
Room —
3. It’s a room with no much furniture in it. It’s a special room. We have our Sundays’ dinners in it. There’s a large dinner table in the middle of this room. There are six chairs around the table. There’s a cabinet with nice plates and cups in it. There are some plants but there isn’t a carpet or a rug on the floor in this room.
Room —
4. It’s a special room for my little baby sister. She’s only some months old. There’s a cot – a special bed for babies, a rocking chair and a chest of drawers with a changing mat on it. There’s a white cupboard with different things and toys for my little sister.
Room —
Atbilžu varianti:
a dining room
a nursery
a bedroom
a twins' bedroom
a bathroom
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