Read the text "My family".
(Izlasi tekstu "Mana ģimene"!)
We are the Johnson family. There are five people in my family. My mum is forty years old and she is a hairdresser. My dad is forty-two years old and he is a postman.

There are three children. I am Simon and l am ten. My brother, Stuart, is fourteen years old. Mary is my sister and she is sixteen years old. We are all students. Muffy is my pet dog. She is small and white. She is four years old.

We are from London in England. London is a huge city with lots of cars on the streets. Our neighbourhood is nice and quiet. There is a big park with lots of trees, and a small square with some shops and a cafe.
Answer the questions, choose the right variant.
(Izvēlies pareizo atbildi!)
  1. How old is Samon’s father?

  2. How old is Muffy?

  3. Where is this family from?
Virginia Evans, Neil O’ Sullivan. Click on Starter. – Express Publishing: Newbury, 82p.
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