Read the text "The Wallace Family."
(Izlasi tekstu par Vellesu ģimeni!)

Hi! I’m Melissa Wallace and I am a member of the Wallace family. We are from Liverpool, England.
But there’s lots more….
First, meet my grandma and grandpa, Frank and Rose. They live with us and they both love cooking. That’s great news for Mum!
Now, meet my mum! She’s called Elizabeth, but most people call her Beth. She’s got short hair and a beautiful smile! She loves flowers, chocolate - and my dad, of course!
Here’s my dad, Al, with my brother Tony. Dad’s great fun! He calls Tony ‘Einstein’! Tony is only 8, but he’s very clever for his age. He's very cute, too! He’s got fair hair and big blue eyes. His favourite animal is ...
We call him Patch because he’s got black patches on his ears and eyes! Patch and Tony have a lot of fun together.
Write yes or no.
(Uzraksti yes vai no!)
  1. This family is from Spain.

  2. Melissa has a brother.

  3. Patch and Tony have a lot of fun together.
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Upstream Beginner.- Express Publishing: Newbury, 151c.
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