Read the dialog.
(Izlasi dialogu un izlabo kļūdas teikumos!)
Ann:Dug, your bedroom is a mess! Can you tidy it, please!
Dug:Sorry, Ann. Today's Monday. On Mondays I always go to the gym.
Ann:How about tomorrow?
Dug:Tuesday isn't a good day. I have guitar playing lessons.
Ann:OK. Wednesday.
Dug:I usually have dinner with aunt Claudia on Wednesdays.
Ann:Thursday? Friday? Saturday?
Dug:I'm often busy these days. On Thursday I visit my grandparents. On Friday I play basketball for my school team. And on Saturdays we always hang out with our friends.
Ann:How about Sunday?
Dug:But Sunday is my only free day!
Ann:Not this Sunday!
Correct the sentences.
(Izlabo kļūdas!)
  1. Claudia is Dug's sister.

  2. Dug has lunch with his aunt Claudia.

  3. Dug visits the gym on Tuesdays.
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