Read the text.
(Izlasi tekstu!)
Hello, friends! I'm Mike. I live in the small town. My house is opposite my school. There is a big sports center in my town. I live forty minutes walk from the supermarket. We usually get vegetables from it. There are lots of parks in my town. Near the park you can see a big swimming pool. I like swimming in the swimming pool. My friends like to go to the cinema and watch interesting films there.
I like my town a lot.
Choose if the statement is "true", "false" or "doesn't say" in the text.
(Izvēlies vai apgalvojuma ir pareizs (true), nepareizs (false) vai tekstā nav minēts (doesn't say)!)
  1. There is a big sports center in Mike's town.

  2. Mike lives the thirty minutes walk from the supermarket.

  3. There is a big swimming pool near the park.
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