Diagnosticējošais darbs DABASZINĪBĀS 6. KLASEI
Trenējies ŠEIT!


Read the text and answer the questions choosing if the statement is true or false.
(Izlasi tekstu un atbildi uz jautājumiem, izvēloties vai apgalvojums ir patiess vai nepatiess!)
I'm Edwin and this is my family. My parents got married 23 years ago. Two years later my sister Sally was born. Then I was born three years after that. I've also got a brother, Steve, who is two years younger than me, so there was five of us in my family two years ago. But not now, because my sister got married last year. Her husband's name is Andrew. Now they have babies – daughter Tess and son John. They are twins and only some months old.
1. Sally's mother has one son. —
2. Steve is Andrew's brother-in-law. —
3. Edwin is Steve's oldest brother. —
4. Andrew is older than Sally. —
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