Diagnosticējošais darbs DABASZINĪBĀS 6. KLASEI
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Read the letter.
(Izlasi vēstuli!)
Dear Tom,
Hi! How are you? I'm fine. Today I want to tell you about my class project.
Our teacher asked us to make class survey about our pets. Actually we have a lot of pets in class.
So I've got two dogs as you know – Roxie and Lilly. My best friend Martin has got a dog Strider and a cat Muffin. Silvia has got an aquarium at home and there are eleven goldfish in it.
Ruth and Tess are twins. They've got a dog, a Dalmatian called Snowflake and two hamsters. But their friend Phil has got a cat.
We asked our teacher about his pets, too. And he said that he's got at home three parrots and a tortoise.
Can you count our pets? And what about you? Do you have a pet? Write soon!
Best wishes,
Now count the pets and fill the table.
(Saskaiti mīļdzīvniekus un aizpildi tabulu!)
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