Read and learn about verb BE - Simple Present and Simple Past.
(Lasi un mācies par darbības vārda "BE" vienkāršo tagadni un vienkāršo pagātni!)
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Vienkāršā tagadne
Vienkāršā pagātne
Apgalvojuma teikums:
I + am
vsk., he, she, it  + is
dsk., you, we, they + are
Nolieguma teikums:
I + 'm not
vsk., he, she, it  + isn't
dsk., you, we, they + aren't
Jautājuma teikums:
Am + I ?
Is + vsk., he, she, it ?
Are + dsk., you, we, they ?
Apgalvojuma teikums:
vsk., I, he, she, it  + was
dsk., you, we, they + were
Nolieguma teikums:
vsk., I, he, she, it  + wasn't
dsk., you, we, they + weren't
Jautājuma teikums:
Was + vsk., I, he, she, it ?
Were + dsk., you, we, they ?
Lieto, runājot par tagadni
Lieto, runājot par pagātni
now, at this moment, right now
yesterday, this morning, last year / month / week / Monday, a week / 2 days / 3 months ago,